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Modern glassblower Nienke Sikkema creates these characterful Addled drinking vessels exclusively for RiRa. Made entirely by hand, each is delightfully and uniquely irregular in shape and thickness with different intensities of hue and sparkle. The glasses may take their name from the fact they look a little wonky – but boy, can they hold their liquor. Not to mention water, a flower or two, your toothbrush.

As clear as your conscience, this is the classic choice that will reflect well on any table setting. Pass the salt, will you?

10 cm x 5 cm ( varies slightly per glass )  
Material: glass
Handmade by Nienke Sikkema
Produced in The Netherlands

The tumblers are hand-blown and they feel reassuringly heavy to hold. Stick to one colour or mix and match.

More short glass colours: COCA, STRAWBERRY, APPLE

Please note: As this is a handmade product slight imperfections are part of the product and its charm. Please read our care instructions for more information. If any question email