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Graphic designers Mary Pelders and Pieter Vos wanted to create a super-functional lamp that could spread happiness as well as light – an energetic counterpoint to the angular fun-suckers that proliferate in homes and offices. Made from lightweight plastic and aluminium, and unapologetically yellow from socket to socket, Loopy Lamp is the result of that mission. Its flexible, snake-like design cheerfully adapts to the demands of the hour. What starts as a mood lighting can become a reading lamp, a spotlight on a painting – even a light-emitting sculpture – as your day progresses.

70 x 70 x 180*cm Height is adjustable
Material: Made from a flexible and light tube
Comes with a light bulb
Max voltage: 240.00
Bulb type: E27
Cable length: 220 cm
Hand assembled by Mary Pelders and Pieter Vos
Produced in The Netherlands

Also available in: MEDIUM
Please allow 3-4 working days for the object to be prepared for shipping.